Hang ’em high!

It’s in the news again. You can’t avoid it, and you’re going to have to accept it: Your Government lies to you.

Shock! Horror! Really? I’d never have guessed!

At this point I am considering changing this to a podcast as the fact that you can’t hear the perfect sarcasm in my tone will plague me all night.

Yet another inquest has returned a result which bemoans the failures of Government, and Defence in particular, to provide adequate training, equipment or information to soldiers on the front line…

And here I sit in the centre of excellence for Defence education being spoon fed regurgitated sound bites by retired officers who, not wanting to stray too far from Mother’s milk, have continued a type of surrogate service as lecturers at RMCS. It’s laughable, we’re being taught about getting the right information, at the right time, in the right format, to the right person through a series of lectures which draw so heavily on methodologies, concepts and ideas promoted through ITIL, Prince2, SSADM etc that I find it hard to either

a) keep a straight face for very long


b) remember which subject I’m actually meant to be studying!

It reminds me of the key note speakers and sponsors at industry events who spend the entire thing saying what they know sounds right, people want to hear, and may even make them some money. It’s unforgivable, there’s no other way to put it.

Even when confronted with what can only be considered a partisan audience these people continue to toe party lines which are set so high up in the ivory tower’s gilded cage that those who think they’ve made the policy are so disjointed from what’s happening on Planet Earth they may as well be talking in Mandarin!

And my point?

This haphazard, Great War era, ‘if I say it’s going well, it’ll go well’ mentality pervades all aspects of Government, and most notably Defence to the point where there is not only a generation gap (or two) between the heirarchy and the guns on the ground but also an air gap and a possible reality bending wormhole! It’s inexcusable, it’s costing lives and someones needs hung!