Another year slips by….

Bloody hell! It’s almost a year since I updated any of my personal blogs! I won’t even bother trying to update everything that’s gone on in the last 12 months, needless to say it’s been quite a time (otherwise I’d have had no excuse for not writing, would I!)

I alway start these things with the best of intentions, and this year’s no different. Well, that’s not quite true. Over the last few days something has changed. I’m feeling a lot more positive about things and I seem to have a fair bit of drive and determination about what I want, where I’m going and how to get there/get it done. So we’ll see…

I’ve just set up a WordPress blog and transferred all entries from my other blogs to this one so some of the content may seem a little random… It may all make sense in the future, it may not, but do we really care?

There’s a lot going on in my life just now, from all angles: work, family, personal, musical. You name it, then it’s happening. The upshot? Well, you’ll either get a really exciting weblog of the goings on in the life of me, or you’ll get a lot of nothing. I’m hoping that, with the addition of an iPhone app, I’ll be able to do an update at least once a week… but best intentions and all that.

I’m hoping that I’l be able to keep you abreast of my plans for next year’s Kenya trip, my preparations for my time away later this year and my personal experiences with the band. I’ll also take the opportunity to vent off some steam about things which get my goat, thinks that make me happy, and the general ramblings of a man approaching what used to be called middle age (although I still feel no more than 21!).

Anyway, we’ll see what happens…