Bobbing for Apple (Or shut up the ‘droid fanboys!)

I’ve just been reading this post linked to by a friend who’s a devout fan of all things Microsoft. He seems to have taken some perverse pleasure in the lack of breathtaking advances in the new iPhone 5 announced today. I don’t understand why all the ‘droid fanboys feel the need to belittle everything Apply release? Over a 1,000 posts in 24 hours? Really?

While I might be tempted to agree that there doesn’t seem to be any significant change to the iPhone with the 6th iteration of the device, I think it’s more a case of it being the fact that they got it /so/ right on the first occasion than a lack of innovation in the design team now.

As a (somewhat unlikely) comparison I’ll direct you to the Sky TV remote control; with the exception of the addition of buttons to control the DVR, it hasn’t changed at all since day one of its release. Why? Because it is perhaps the best example of a remote, ever.

The same goes for the iOS devices, in particular the iPhone which is just natural to use, intuitive, smooth and damned good to look at.

I won’t talk down Android devices (unlike the Apply haters), I just feel that, much like Microsoft and the PC builders of the 90s, there is no set standard and so you never know what you’re going to get. Every other device I’ve tried since buying an iPhone has just felt… Clunky? And that includes Samsung Galaxy’s, Lumia’s, Windows Phones…

Yes, they’re bloody expensive. Or are other devices just cheap? I think it’s probably the latter and, in my experience, the performance, reliability and interoperability of all my Apple devices are second to none and well worth that extra price tag. My MacBook Pro is now over 2 years old and I am in no rush to upgrade it, it’s still faster and more capable than most laptops of a comparable price running high end graphics and audio software I’d need a desktop PC worth several £,000s to run properly. I’ve only just stopped using an iPhone 3GS (handed down to my son) as it still cut the mustard with every function I wanted from a smartphone, my iPad 2 will have a home for several years to come as I don’t need a retina display on a tablet screen (especially with my eyesight!), I offloaded my iPhone 4 to my wife as my iPad let’s me FaceTime and she needed a phone which allowed her to do the same and my Apple TV is the centre of my home’s media experience.

Will I buy and iPhone 5? Damn right! Do I think it’s about to become the best smartphone on the market? Doubtful. What I do know though, is that it will do everything I want it to, when I want it to. And that, to be honest, is my reason for buying Apple. It does what it says on the tin, and does it very, very, well.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal taste. And I like Apple.


The new iPad… Worth the hype?

Right… Call me silly but, is the ‘new’ iPad really worth all the hype/money? (Oh, and there is a caveat… I am an Apple addict!!)

Yes, I know there are a ridiculous amount of pixels on the Retina Display, but I always thought the 1024 on the iPad 2 were good enough… Come to that, even the 1280 pixels on my 13″ MacBook Pro are pretty good. In high quality pictures I struggle to see the pixelation on photos, movies are always crystal clear and, to be honest, I can’t remember ever thinking “Ooh, that pixelation’s unbearable”!

Then there’s the camera… Why would I want a better camera on an iPad? I have enough trouble remembering there’s a camera on my bloody phone!! I doubt I’ll ever use what is, to all intents and purpose, a laptop replacement as a camera? My main concern is the front facing camera as that’ll allow me to see my children while they’re at school or in the UK while I’m away…

It scores the same in performance tests as the iPad 2, has the same speed of processor (it’s only the graphics core which is quad core), it runs at 1.6 fps of the the iPad 2, a negligible result in my book, and has already been proven to run warm/hot due to the processing requirements/battery performance, a phenomenon never experienced in the previous versions…

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the LTE capability… While announcing this immense uplift in connectivity capability during the Keynote speech they completely forgot to mention that it will not be available for anyone outside the US, unless they travel to the US, as our providers are planning on using a different frequency for the technology than AT&T (yes, AT&T, Verizon have their own model of ‘new’ iPad!).

And I can now get a new 64GB, WiFi and 3G iPad 2 for £300-400, less that 60% of the price of a similarly spec’d ‘new’ iPad… Why bother?