As a family man I am pleased to be able to say that I’m a very lucky, and very happy, man.

I found that elusive person that we are each meant to share our lives with. I found someone who supports me when I need that support, who brings me down to Earth when I’m getting carried away with myself (which is all too often in my case), and who I can easily see my spending the rest of my waking days with.

We’ve been together long enough to have learned each others bad habits and long enough to have grown to love each other despite, or perhaps because of, them.

We have three children. Two girls and a boy, each of which are totally individual and a wonder every day of my life.

Like every man (or at least I believe) I am not the husband or father I should be, but I am honest enough to admit it and strive (most of the time) to better myself such that both my wife and children will be proud to have me in their lives and call me husband or ‘Dad’.

I have, quite recently, realised that my priorities were wrong. I used to work so that my family would be provided for/ be happy. I now place them before work in order that they be provided for/be happy. That may sound a hazy distinction, but anyone in my line of work will understand, and those of you who don’t… I hope you see the light soon!


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