It’s always hard to write about yourself. I think I’m going to explain the different facets of this blog here rather than me, and by way of doing that maybe I’ll provide some insights to me…

You may notice that there are different signatures on the blog entries and those will, in time, be seen to correspond with categories of blog entry. Think of them as personas if you will.

  • Grae – Just li’l ol’ me. I’ll sign posts with this if they’re just ramblings from a personal point of view. Life in general, matters which I think of as personal or directly related ot me as a person/family man. (I’ll also use this one for personal posts about the band.)
  • Spkr4thdd – I’ll use this in signatures when it’s related to work. The more astute among you may read it as ‘Speaker For The Dead’, and you’d be spot on. I use this after reading the series of novels by Orson Scott Card about Ender Wiggins. In the novel of this name Ender become the ‘Speaker’ by way of atonement for something he feels personally responsible for. Now, I can assure you that I do not, by any means, feel responsible for many of the greater aspects of my work, but I do feel that the honesty imparted by Ender’s character in this novel is something which is needed in my line of work despite the requirement to restrict the extent to which some of that information is shared. (A quandary indeed, and one I struggle with with alarming regularity!)
  • Teknog33k – As this may suggest, it’s the geek in me and will be used when I’m rambling on about some technology I’m currently fascinated with, confused by or frustrated with.

In time I may split these entities into separate blogs but, at this point in time, I don’t think any one of them will have sufficient content to justify standing out on its own.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy taking the journey with my persona’s, I do ;)


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