Bargain Basement Bureaucracy

There’s much in the news these days about the Military Covenant. Spoutings about the government pushing it through to make it law, promises of change, consideration to family members… And it’s been so for months now, if not years.

And it’s all bollocks.

Pardon my French, but this is really beginning to piss me off!

As mentioned in my previous post; I’m off to pastures new. There’s a lot more involved in the realisation of that statement than just upping sticks and moving house. Of primary concern to me at the moment is the welfare of my eldest child. Yes, in the eyes of the law she’s an adult, but to me she’s my little girl.

My wife and I have always made it a point to ensure that our children are independent, self sufficient and educated. More fool us!

My eldest has just completed a college course and is now looking for employment and, due to my impending departure, accommodation. And here’s where the trouble begins…

I’m not wealthy. I’m comfortable, yes. But I’m not wealthy. As a result I’m not able to help much with my daughter’s search for a new place to live; at least not in a financial sense. As a result we’re looking at council accommodation to help her get started on her own. Or I should say we were looking.

Despite the fact that I’m leaving in a fortnight and the rest of the family will be following a few weeks after that which will leave my daughter ‘of no fixed abode‘, she will not be considered a priority for housing as she’s (a) not pregnant, (b) not a drug addict and (c) not a criminal, oh, and she’s over 18! Add to that the fact that, despite having grown up in York and having completed all her secondary education (including college) here, she apparently has insufficient ties to the area to warrant her being considered a priority. This taking into consideration that she has never lived anywhere else as long and, were she to stay with us (which she’s unable to do, but that’s another story) probably never would again.

In short my daughter is being penalised for the lifestyle my profession has forced upon my family. And yes, I do say ‘forced’, as were we to live separately then many of the benefits of this life are removed.

This is unacceptable, especially as she is not officially allowed to come with us due to her being over 18 and not in tertiary education.  So. On the one hand the government are saying “tough, you’re big enough and ugly enough to go it alone” while on the other they’re saying “sorry, but you you’re not a priority for us to house even though we’ve (ostensibly) made you homeless ourselves”.

It’s shit, and it’s another reason I was so close to taking the ‘six clicks to freedom’ earlier this year.

I just hope that, when they finally get the balls to let the Military Covenant become law they do, in fact, let some high paid, pro-military, barristers get their hands on it first and therefore tie down all the bureaucratic aresholes to actually putting their money where their mouths are.

Of course, there’s another side to this. I should have had the balls to stick to my guns in February and not buckled at the offer of two years in the Sun. At least then my daughter wouldn’t be facing joining the ranks of Britain’s homeless at my hand…


One thought on “Bargain Basement Bureaucracy

  1. Grae, the military covenant is bullsh*t. We are all just a number, a warm body, somebody to fill a PID. Just like “the indispensable man”, when you take your arm out of that bucket of water, the hole that’s left is how much they’ will miss you. More importantly, it’s how much of a f*** they give about you. APC and the chain of command are like sales reps – when they need you they will go through the motions of kissing your arse until they make the sale. Now that I’ve pulled the pin, I’ve become persona non grata virtually overnight. I knew it would happen but it’s wierd when it happens to you. There’s a good song concept for you BTW. Carpe diem fella, carpe diem.

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