How many?

It’s hard to believe but apparently we passed the 4,000,000,000 (yes, that’s 4 billion) mobile users in the last 24 hours…

What makes me sad about this is the fact that, if the majority of those 4 billion had any clue as to what was actually possible with those little handheld devices they use to take photos and videos with then… er, keep them on their phones, we’d be able to place some pressure on the companies who keep us in the dark about the amazing functionality and possibilities of the phones so that they might keep making sickening profits despite the current global financial status.

How many of you have heard of qik, latitude or even Blogger Mobile for that matter? (If you’ve got a Sony Ericsson phone and haven’t heard of the latter, then shame on you!) I’ve not linked to them so you’ll have to do a little digging for yourselves… I intend to write about some of them over the next few days anyway, so don’t worry ;)

The capability of the phone you probably have in your pocket, sitting on your desk or that is in your hand if you actually know how to use it, is so much greater than most of us give it credit for…

Spread the word, the day of the mobile is coming!

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