My New Mission…


I have scoured the web for details, and I’ve come up short… there are many tented camps/campsites in the Kenyan National Parks/Natre Reserves which just do not seem to have any info available…

We are staying at two such camps, and I cannot find any info on them whatsoever… Crocodile Campsite, Maasai Mara (sounds fun!) and Prince Charles Campsite, Aberdares… I know they exist, but I can find hee-haw about them online…

I’ve decided I’m going to log everything I can, get every scrap of literature, all the GPS/Map details I can for everything I can and start a list…

Perhaps someone will find it helpful!! I know I’ll use it when I return to Kenya, which I will, with my family in tow, when they are older… I may even venture back before that with only my good lady wife!

I’ve got hundreds of waypoints now, and I intend to add the same again (or correct some of the ones I have at least) on my travels… I have a mission :)




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