Find Your Way For Free!! (well, almost…)

As posted earlier I have now managed to get my PDA/GPS sorted out for Kenya, here’s a little guide of what I have, and how I got it:

Hardware –

HTC Blue Angel (O2 XDA IIs) Pocket PC
HTC Universal (O2 XDA Exec) Pocket PC
HTC Tornado (O2 IQ) Smartphone
Fortuna Clip-On BT GPSr

Software –

Garmin Que 2.9 (Get it free!! Here)
GPSProxy 2.2 (Find at SourceForge. Here)

And just for fun…

Vito Navigator II (with all the plugins)
GPSDash2 (Pocket PC and Smartphone)

Maps Etc. –

Garmin World BaseMap (iQue Version) (available for free here)
tracks4africa Tanzania/Kenya/Uganda Map (See link at bottom of page)
Waypoints, Tracks & Routes from Hans-Georg Michna (See link at bottom of page)
Waypoints from Kenyalogy (See link at bottom of page)
Waypoints and selfmade OziExplorer map from Gary Mortimer


Installed Garmin Mapsource to my PC
Installed Garmin Que to my Pocket PC
Installed GPSProxy 2.2 to my Pocket PC
Modified GPSProxy 2.2 to 2.2a (Enable up to 1/sec track logging)

There is a great guide to setting up your Pocket PC to work with Garmin Que without the Garmin GPS 10 BT GPS here.

Copied iQue World Basemap to my Pocket PC SD Card
Installed tracks4africa maps via Mapsource (including waypoints and tracks from Michna/Kenyalogy)

Time will tell, but I’m hoping that I am now ready GPS wise for the journey… my only disappointment is the inability to transfer routes from Mapsource to Que, I’ll keep looking though…




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