About time too…

Okay, we’ve been planning this for quite some time and I, being the ‘geek’ among us, have the dubious responsibility of sorting out the routes etc for GPS…

Getting waypoint info, routes etc was a doddle… (I must point anyone thinking of a safari in Kenya to this website by Hans-Georg Michna it is a veritable goldmine of info!)

However being able to use them was another thing entirely!!

I have a PDA and BT GPS receiver and use TomTom on a regular basis, but that’s not much use in the Nature Reserves of Kenya now is it!!

I bought Vito SmartMap and the map of Kenya they have… useless to be honest… no capability of importing anything worthwhile (and if I’d read the forum first I’d have realised this).

I then stumbled on the Garmin Que software which, with a little geekery, can be used with a standard BT GPS!! Add to that the waypoints/tracks/routes etc from Hans’ site and the Kenya map from tracks4africa (at £2.30 I was willing to risk it!!) and I now have a solution with over 500 waypoints/poi’s including wildlife spots, fuel stations, atm’s and all other wonderful items (there’s even an internet cafe!!!)

All I need to do now is work out how to use the bloody thing :D I’ll post an update on my success with the gear as and when possible.




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