A change of tack…

Over the last few months things have changed, both personally and globally and, while I am not, nor ever have been, a racist, I find that my tolerance of all things religious, political and racial has reduced, and that saddens me.

Over the next few months I must prepare myself for a task which I do not want, and I must do it to the best of my ability as lives may depend on it… I do not relish the task ahead but, regardless of that fact, it is something I must do. Knowing that, I have found myself thinking more of things which are important to me, of things I have done, and those I want to do…

With this in mind I intend to add to this page more regularly, I hope that over the next few months I will be able to paint a picture, of what I don’t know yet, but I’m sure it will grow in time. And once I embark on the task itself I hope to be able to continue to add to that picture, I can’t guarantee that, but I will endeavour to do so.

In light of this change I am changing the name of my page… My favourite series of novels ‘The Ender Saga’, by Orson Scott Card, has a second novel called ‘Speaker For The Dead’ in which the pivotal character, Ender Wiggins, feels the need to make amends for an atrocity which he feels a sole responsibility for. His method of appeasement is to speak for the dead, that is to say, he investigates a persons life and, once he feels he knows them, he tells the story of their life, warts and all, to those who thought they knew that individual…

While I do not pretend to be able to compete with the writings of Orson Scott Card, nor do I share the weight borne by Ender Wiggins, I do feel that I would like to tell the truth, warts and all, of the experiences I am about to have and the journey I am about to take…

With this in mind I have changed the title of this page…

Welcome to Speaker For The Dead… I hope you gain something from my journey.


Spkr 4 Th Dd


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