Now, and then…

Before I go off on one, I feel I must justify my rantings by stating that I, a member of the invading force, do, in fact, have friends who follow the Muslim faith, I also have friends who are Catholic, Sikh, Jewish, and Hindu, to name a few! (As well as all the Christians of course!)

I read recently about soldiers of 3 Para facing the Taliban riding scooters, an AK47 in one hand, the other on the handlebar, with a young child strapped on their chest as protection…

How terrible! You must be thinking…

These extremists are cold, heartless people!

Cold and heartless, to us, yes. Extremists, not necessarily!

In 2003, as I drove over the border from Kuwait to Um Qasr, I remember being told not to stop, no matter what.Five minutes over the border and I find myself having a toddler, little more than a year old, being thrown into the middle of the road to force me to stop!

What did I do? I stopped of course!

These are not extremists we are dealing with. They are a different breed altogether. To an extremist life is cheap, and martyrdom is an honour. But this was not the reason for the human roadblock I faced…

The father, if that’s who he was, merely wanted some clean water!

How can we compete when we are fulfilling our duty and they are proving their devoutness… Or worse, just trying to fulfil their basic needs?

I have the utmost respect for anyone willing to die for their beliefs, of course I do, in fact I believe there is more justification for them to fight than I, as my justification wasn’t enough in Nuremburg, so why should it suffice now?

You tell me…


Spkr 4 Th Dd


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