A dream come true…

Ok, in December 1992 (I think) I went on a family holiday to Kenya and spent 4 days on safari… I loved it but decided that I really wanted to do one under my own steam, rather than with a guide on a schedule…

Fast forward to this year and Iam finally going to achieve my goal.

On 04/11/06 I am flying out to Noairobi for a two week holiday i Kenya with a 10 day self drive safari followed by a few days in a hotel in Mombasa to unwind :)

The surprising thing is that this wasn’t that expensive, and relatively easy to organise…

I should really have started this blog as soon as planning had got under way, but better late than never eh!

I’ll post pics, lists, routes as I sort them out, and may even manage a Google Earth file or two (if I can get the damned PPC to work properly!!

In the meantime, I’m off to make a packing list… (Mobile, Digi Camera, Video Cam, PPC, chargers, GPS, headphones, speakers… Oh! And clothes!)




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